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About Us

Hello! Welcome! So happy you made it to our fabric store!

Fabric Bubb is a small family business only run by Kristina and Evan Green and our two kiddos in the greater Seattle area. Wanting to be able to stay home with our first kid, Kristina started making baby items to sell which took off so quickly that buying bolts wholesale became a necessity. Once having access to buying by the bolt it became very addicting. With gorgeous bolts of fabric lining the walls, its hard to stop ordering and so we started selling fabric by the yard on the side. We received an amazing and unexpected response to selling fabric and thus more fabric was quickly ordered. Soon Kristina had two very busy businesses and one very young kid to look after. Evan then started to work two jobs, his regular 8-5, and then packaging fabric in the evenings. It was a busy and very hectic time. Struggling with the decision of which path to choose, it was made for us when we got pregnant with our second kid and sewing for others had to come to a halt. Fortunately fabric was selling so well and Kristina enjoyed working with customers to make custom bundles that we decided to make it our main business. And here we are now 5 years later!

The name Fabric Bubb came together one night in about 5 minutes as we needed to just come up with a name quickly to get the store started. We decided that since we called our oldest 'The Bubb' that we'd just name it after him. And the name just stuck. 

The selection at Fabric Bubb is curated by Kristina and we only buy fabric that she loves and could see herself using; which is mainly modern, bright and geometric prints. We are constantly expanding and hope to keep adding more beautiful fabric to our inventory and are looking forward to adding custom bundles to our shop which we get asked for constantly.

Our goal at Fabric Bubb is to offer you the best selection and super fast shipping. We love our customers and would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our family business and making it possible for Kristina to stay at home with our two kiddos. If you have any questions or would like to share what you've made with our fabrics please contact us!

Kristina & Evan