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About Us

Hello! So happy you made it to our fabric store!

I have big news to share!! We moved to North Carolina summer 2021! I am just starting to reopen the website, order new fabrics and get our shelves back fully stocked! Its an exciting time and thank you for your patience with me while I get everything sorted out. I am working on a new website, so please be patient with this one as the transition is made over the next month. I look forward to sharing that with you and cutting all your orders! I am cutting and shipping same/next day right now.

Fabric Bubb is a small family business run entirely by Kristina with occasional help from her family (husband and two kiddos) out of her home studio at present. Over the next year we may transition back into a commercial space but time will tell.

History: In the summer of 2011 Fabric Bubb was started as a side business to Kristina's baby goods business. Unexpectedly fabric started selling quickly and soon Kristina found that she had two businesses to keep up with along with raising a toddler. We knew at some point that both businesses couldn't be maintained in the fashion in which she wanted to run them and a choice would need to be made, and it was the fabric store! Thinking back to when we first started with maybe 15 bolts to over 2000 bolts now, it is an incredible and unexpected journey where everything just seemed to fall into place. Kristina only chooses fabrics for the store that she would use herself and is very selective in what goes on the shelves and hopes that her customers love the curated selection that is offered. Her favorite thing about the fabric shop is creating the custom Fabric Bubb bundles.

Fun facts:

* We needed a shop name really quick to open our store, and named it after our oldest who we call 'The Bubb' and it just stuck. Plus he loves that its named after him. 
* Kristina gets asked all the time if she has a textile design degree and if that is how she got started. Nope, she has a Bachelor of Science in Genetics and Plant Biology from UC Berkeley.
* We seem to move a lot! But hoping we can stay in the NC area for longer than we did in Seattle.
* We've been to 6 of 7 continents and love to travel.
* We can eat an entire jumbo bag of peanut M&Ms in one sitting.
* We now use KONA colors to describe all the things in everyday life. What color shirt were they wearing? It was Wasabi. What color chair should we get? I like the Storm one.
* Kristina is obsessed with basics and fully believes all projects can be made with just them.
* Taking pictures of fabric is probably one of her favorite parts of owning a fabric store aside from creating the bundles.

Our goal at Fabric Bubb is to offer you the best selection and super fast shipping. We love our customers and would like to thank each and every one of you from the bottom of our hearts for supporting our family business and making it possible for Kristina to make this into a career. If you have any questions or would like to share what you've made with our fabrics please contact us!