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Essex Sample Card | 145 Colors

Essex Sample Card | 145 Colors

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Manufacturer:  Robert Kaufman
Designer:  Robert Kaufman
Collection:  Essex
Print: Essex Sample Card | 145 Colors
Material: Paper Swatch Card

+ + There will be new Essex colors released summer 2019. Therefore we have decided to not sell something that will be out of date shortly but rather wait until the new cards are released with those new colors included. Thanks for your patience and sign up for notify me to learn with the new cards have arrived! + +

The Essex sample cards contain a swatch of all available Essex colors in Essex, Homespun, Metallic, Yarn Dyed and Wide, for a total of 145 colors. The two cards are pre punched to fit in a binder or could easily be stored on a bookshelf or could be cut up and glued onto cardstock to mix and match with your project. Makes the guesswork of purchasing online easier by knowing the colors before hand.

This item will ship first class mail in a photo mailer by itself, even if Priority Mail is selected at checkout. If purchased with fabric, depending on the amount of fabric purchased and if we can safely put it in an envelope or better yet a box with the fabric padding it, we will do so and refund the excess shipping, but if not the order will come in multiple packages. Thanks for understanding as we try to get the cards to you in the best condition possible.

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