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Policies + FAQs

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+ Cut Size +

We happily cut in 1/4 yard increments, continuously. For example 0.25 = 1/4 yard, 0.5 = 1/2 yard and 0.75 = 3/4 yards, 1 = 1 yard, 1.25 = 1 and 1/4 yard; and so forth.

Standard quilt weight cotton is 44 inches wide and varies from 43-45 inches from manufacturer to manufacturer. Generally it is about 44 inches wide including the selvage (edge of the fabric). The width of the fabric is listed in each product listing under description.

Fabric will always be cut continuously. However, bolts of fabric generally only have 10-15 yards on them; if you are ordering large cuts of fabric we will always cut continuous whenever possible but it may come in multiple pieces. For example if we have 30 yards in stock and you order 17 yards it will come in two pieces of the biggest piece we have plus the remaining yardage. We will always contact you first if there is any question on how to cut it.

+ What is a yard? +

1 yard is 36 inches long by 44 inches wide (width of fabric).
1/2 yard is 18 inches long by 44 inches wide.
1/4 yard is 9 inches long by 44 inches wide.

A fat quarter is 18 inches long by 22 inches wide (a half yard cut in half the long way as opposed to a 1/4 yard which is 9 long x 44 inches)

For reference a meter is about 40 inches, so please order up or down for your sewing and crafting needs.

+ Fat Quarters +

We unfortunately are not able to cut custom fat quarters. We do cut fat quarter bundles, which are generally made up of an entire collections or our custom bundles and can be found HERE

+ Can I Get A Sample? +

At this time we do not offer sample size cuts or swatches. We consider 1/4 yard to be a good sample size.

+ Color, Pattern Size & Material +

The pictures are provided by the manufacturer of the fabrics and are 'true to color'. But all monitors vary in color and so there may be some variation in what is on your screen and what you see in person. If a very specific color is desired we recommend buying a 1/4 yard first and then a larger amount later on. We know buying fabric online can be difficult at times and we try to provide our own pictures which we feel are true to color as well within the listings when possible.

The size of the pattern on the fabric should be in each product listing, along with the fiber content. If there are any questions please contact us we are happy to help!

+ KONA Bundles +

Most of our bundles are cut from the bolt and the manufacturer ribbons/tags may not be included. If this is a deal breaker please inquire prior to purchasing. Bundles are broken down in order to ship cost effectively. If the bundle is from the manufacturer and you'd like it shipped that way please contact us and we can quote shipping prices - they are usually double to triple the cost.

+ Quilt Kits +

Quilt kits are put together by yardage amounts given to us by the pattern designer. Patterns can change and have errors in them. Fabric Bubb is not responsible for errors in pattern designs that create the need for more or less fabric needed for the quilt. Quilt kits will be updated when we're notified by the pattern designer that more or less fabric is needed for the kit to make the quilt. If you see an error in the fabric amount please notify us or the pattern designer so that the kit can be updated appropriately.

+ Can I Get A Discount +

Prices are as listed. We do offer sales from time to time via our social media networks and from our newsletter. So please follow along! If you wish to buy wholesale please contact the manufacturers directly.

+ Can I Follow You +

Yes! We have Instagram @fabricbubb, Facebook and Twitter Accounts. We also have Pinterest. And would love to see you there!

+ Do You Have A Newsletter? +

Yes! You can find a link at the bottom of our website or by going to 'about' and then 'newsletter'. You will also be automatically be enrolled in the newsletter with your purchase. While we hope you don't, you can easily opt out at anytime from receiving them by following the unsubscribe prompts within the email.

+ Payment +

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and PayPal. We do not accept checks, echecks or money orders. Tax will be charged to all WA residents.

+ Pre Orders +

We occasionally will offer preorders of fabric that are likely to be highly desirable and will sell out quickly; thus ensuring that you get the newest released fabric as quickly as possible. We will cut the preorders the day the fabric arrives to our shop and ship it the next (or same) day. However, please note that it is a preorder and not in hand when purchased. Meaning it will ship when we receive it. The estimated fabric release date is noted in the listing but backorders do happen to the manufacturers and sometimes fabric will be delayed getting to us. Please understand that when this happens we are equally as frustrated as you and are doing everything we can do get the fabric in order to get it to you but it is out of our control. Also please note that sometimes when a collection ships we may be missing a bolt or a bolt may come short. While this typically doesn't happen it can happen. We will contact you if this is the case and will ship as soon as we have the fabric to ship. 

Please note that in order to process preorders quickly (and to be able to offer them at all) all sales are final. They cannot be cancelled/traded/combined with other orders/refunded/or added to. No exceptions. We order fabric based on perceived sales and it is not possible to alter preorders after the fact. Payment of the preorder is taken when the order is placed, not when shipped. Any cancellation of a preorder will result in a 100% restocking fee. We are sorry for this and hope you can understand why.

+ Can I Add To An Order Already Placed? +

Yes! Please just place another order and reference your first order number in the comments to let us know to combine them. And then we will refund excess shipping (if applicable). But please know that we cut and package fast. Very fast. So by the time you place your second order the first order may already be fulfilled. At this point it cannot be added to. You will know it is fulfilled by receiving a shipping confirmation.

+ Can I Ship To A Different Address From My Billing Address +

Yes! If you are buying the fabric but having someone else make something with it, just enter their shipping address at check out. Your order will always be sent to the shipping address.

+ I Placed An Order But My Address Is Wrong +

Contact us immediately! We process orders FAST. And your order may have shipped before you contact us. If this is the case, we are sorry! We will contact you when/if we receive it back. A new shipping fee will unfortunately apply to have it sent to the correct address.

+ My Order Was Refunded, Why? +

We strive to keep our inventory up to date. But sometimes there are bolts that have holes or stains somewhere in the middle of them and we have to cut around them. Or we just get a bolt that is short and we don't find that out till we get to the end. We try to update as soon as we find out there is going to be a problem with what is showing available and what we have on hand in reality but sometimes we aren't as fast as our customers purchasing. So if we cannot fulfill an order we will contact you immediately to offer some options. If we do not receive a timely reply (i.e. within 24-48 hours) we will cancel and refund that portion/yardage of your order. We truly apologize and hope that it never happens!

+ Can I Cancel My Order +

While we hope you'd never like to do so, we understand that it can happen. But do know that we cut orders fast. Very fast. Like super hero fast. Meaning we may be cutting another order, see yours pop in and cut yours along with it. This could all happen in a manner of seconds of your order being received. Yes we are truly that fast and cut continuously through the day (while that might not be the most efficient for us it gets you your fabric faster!) You can email and ask to cancel but please know that if it is already cut and packaged the answer will be no. We can at that point offer a refund but a restocking fee of 20% will apply as we now have loose yardage and that cost covers the amount of time it takes us to alter our inventory and process the refund for you.  Preorders are not possible to cancel. Thanks for understanding.

+ Can I Visit Your Shop +

While we completely understand that you want to run your hands along gorgeous bolts of fabric, please know that right now that isn't possible and we are sorry! We hope to open a retail store in the future!

+ Can I Pick Up My Order, I Live Locally +

Right now the answer is no unfortunately. But contact us, we want to know if there are a lot of customers local as our goal is to open a retail space and at that point then local pickups will be available.

+ Exchanges & Returns +

All sales are final.

However. If you are truly unhappy with your fabric choice, send us a friendly email within 3 business days of receipt of fabric (i.e. it being marked as delivered) and we'll try to work it out by doing an exchange or return. Fabric should be inspected for satisfaction immediately upon receipt and a friendly email sent within 3 business days if not satisfied to initiate a return or an exchange. For an exchange, the customer is responsible for shipping both ways. For a return, the customer is responsible for shipping it back and the refund will be less shipping and a 20% restocking fee. Returns will be subject to it having absolutely no hair of any kind adhered to it, smoke, perfume or other smells, stains, or samples cut out of it. We reserve the right to refuse the exchanged or returned fabric if it is not in 'on the bolt' condition. All 1/4 yard cuts, quilt kits, patterns, sale fabric (either in the sale section or purchased during a sale), destash fabric, and preorders are final sale, no exceptions.

Shipments that are returned due to a wrong address or refusal of pickup by the customer, the customer will be contacted as soon as we have the returned package in hand to see if they would prefer us to ship it again (customer will be responsible for shipping costs) or to process as a return (less original shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee). If no reply is received to the email after 7 days, the returned order will be handled as a return. If an order is returned to Fabric Bubb due to a wrong or nondeliverable address and additional fees are imposed on us by the USPS (mostly applies to international orders that get returned) that cost will be taken out of any potential refund given or added to the reshipment cost.

In the off chance the wrong fabric is cut and received, please send us a friendly message so we can correct the mistake and get the right fabric to you asap! 

+ Will My Information Ever Be Sold +

No. Never. We respect your privacy and rights. By purchasing from us you will automatically be enrolled in our newsletter that is fully managed by us (but hey its great so why not) but you can easily unsubscribe from that. Nothing else will ever be shared. Ever. We also have never and will never buy email lists. Your information is safe.