Our goal is to get your fabric to you as fast as possible, we ship same or at the latest next business day.

 + How Fast Do You Process Orders? +

We cut and ship orders fast. We strive to ship same or at the latest next business day. But it ultimately depends on when your order is placed, how many orders are in front of yours, and what time the USPS chooses to collect that day.

Specifics that you want to know: A business day is 8 am to 5 pm, local time (we are on the east coast). The USPS collects Monday to Friday generally midday EST. We do not ship on the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) or any of the USPS postal holidays. In addition we do not ship the day after Thanksgiving, Christmas, or the 4th of July should they fall on a Thursday. Examples... If your order is placed 9 am on Monday it could ship that same day or it could ship on Tuesday as we are processing all the weekend orders prior to your order. If your order is placed 10pm on Monday it will most likely ship Tuesday but it could ship Wednesday, as 10pm Monday is considered after the close of business on Monday meaning it is a Tuesday order but it is rare that we have to do that. During sale events, orders typically take a few more days to process as we notify with the sale announcement, but regular orders placed during or after sale events always take priority in cutting and shipping and will be processed in our normal turnaround time, they are not delayed due to sale event order processing. 

+ Who do we ship with? +

We ship only with the USPS (United States Postal Service). They provide the cheapest and fastest service out of all shipping carriers.

+ Where do we ship? +

We ship from the Raleigh area in North Carolina to everywhere in the United States and Canada. Please make sure your shipping address is up to date and shipping to a location that is safe and can accept packages. As of January 2021 we are no longer shipping worldwide, see below for more details.

+ Shipping Rates +

These rates are for standard 44 inch wide quilt weight cotton only. For minky, home decor, linen (Essex), textured wovens, sherpa, canvas, felt balls, patterns, etc. the rates may be higher/lower than below due to additional thickness and weight and are calculated appropriately during checkout. Preorders will ship separately from the rest of your instock order and shipping is priced accordingly. Additional fees for shipping will never be charged after your order has been placed. 

First Class | Delivery Confirmation Included
0-1 yard $4.50
1.25-1.75 yards $5.25
2-2.5 yards $6.50

Priority | Delivery Confirmation Included
0-10 yards $7.75
10.25-26 yards $12.75
26.25-35 yards $17
35+ yards will ship in multiple packages and shipping rates are priced to be the most economical package combinations

0.25-1.25 yards $14.25
1.25-4.75 yards $21

Priority International Mail
Flat Rate Envelope | Delivery Confirmation Included to Select Countries
0-10 yards $28.50

Medium Box | Delivery Confirmation Included to Select Countries
10.25-26 yards $54

Large Box | Delivery Confirmation Included to Select Countries
26.25-35 yards $70

35+ yards will ship in multiple packages and shipping rates are priced to be the most economical package combinations


As of January 22, 2021 we are suspending service to addresses outside of the United States and Canada. We are truly sorry we can no longer ship world wide. If you have purchased from us in the past, or are truly interested, please reach out to us and we will work with you to make it happen. 

IF your country is currently listed (due to a previous customer kindly reaching out to us) or we decide to work with you and ship to an international destination. Customer is 100% responsible for all taxes and any fees imposed on by your country. Fabric Bubb is not responsible for anything that may happen in transit, including but not limited to, loss, damage, stolen materials or delays in transit. International shipping is at the customer's risk.

+ How Long Does it Take? +

Below are estimates given by the USPS. Generally it is faster or within the estimated time frame. From time to time due to circumstances out of our control, the USPS has issues/holidays/etc. and it might take a bit longer. Please be patient your package will get to you. International: Please note that these time frames are estimates. If it gets held in customs it can take much longer and is not unheard of (like many months unfortunately). The package WILL arrive, it might just take longer than any of us wants. Please have patience, it is traveling a great distance.

First Class 3-5 business days
Priority 2-3 business days

First Class 3 weeks
Priority 2 weeks

+ Damaged, Stolen & Lost Packages +

Please understand that we take the greatest care in securely packaging your order but that Fabric Bubb cannot be responsible for the USPS; this includes lost, damaged or stolen items after delivery. Once your order has been marked as delivered refunds will not be given for stolen packages. If this is a concern please ship to a safe address. If your package has been damaged please reach out to the USPS as you will need to file a claim with them. Lost (US only): If your package has shown no movement within the USPS tracking system for multiple weeks, please contact us to discuss options as we will have to file a claim. What is refunded to us will be refunded via gift card to you, once the claim has been processed. It is not a fast process but we will work with you to make it as easy as possible.

International Lost/No Movement: Select countries now offer delivery confirmation on both first class and priority mail and the appropriate tracking/customs number will be attached to your shipping confirmation. Once the package has been accepted by the USPS and shows processing, your order is considered to be shipped and refunds will not be given for lost or non delivered items. Most often your local post office has the package and is waiting for you to pick it up, it is always best to inquire with them first as they have your package and can get it to you.

+ Returned Packages + 

Returned packages or misdelivered packages due to change of address will result in additional shipping fees, should it need to be resent. Shipping costs for wrong addresses will not be refunded. If an order is returned to Fabric Bubb due to a wrong or nondeliverable address and additional fees are imposed on us by the USPS (mostly international orders returned) that cost will be taken out of any potential refund or reshipment. Will will contact you should your package be returned, if no response is made, it will be treated as a return.

+ Customs/Taxes/Duties +

Customer is responsible for all customs/duties/taxes. We truly appreciate international customers finding and purchasing from our store but we cannot falsify the custom forms, so please do not ask us to mark it as a sample/gift/etc. It will be marked as merchandise with the appropriate value. It is against federal law to falsify our services. All additional fees are the responsibility of the buyer and are not included in the purchase or shipping price.

+ Packing Slips +

In order to keep cost down we do not include a receipt with your order. Please print your email invoice as a receipt. Thank you.

All international orders will have an invoice applied to the outside of the package in addition to custom forms. 

+ Returns +

Please review our shop policies on returns. Should an exchange be needed please contact us PRIOR to sending it back. You'll need to send it here:
Fabric Bubb
PO Box 895
Apex, NC 27502