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Destash 150: Wooden Rings, Set of 5

Destash 150: Wooden Rings, Set of 5

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Manufacturer:  Destash
Designer:  Destash
Collection:  Destash
Print: Destash 150: Wooden Rings, Set of 5
Material: 100% Wood

Set of 5 maple wooden rings. (qty 1 = set of 5, multiple qty available). Excess shipping will be refunded, etc.

These rings are made of Maple and have not been sealed. They measure 2.5 inches in diameter. They are untreated, plain wooden rings and could be used for a variety or purposes. I have these because I used to manufacture baby goods, including teething rings, and found a whole box(!) the other day. They could be used as a ring toss game, counters, LOTS of art and craft potential. 

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