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Essex Linen

Essex is a beautiful fabric made from a cotton and linen blend, making a beautiful drape and softness perfect for apparel, sewing, quilting, embroidery, upholstery, and more. All of these essex categories are the 'same' fabric; HOWEVER how they are constructed is where the differences can be found. Standard Essex is created by weaving the yarns and then dyeing them after. Yarn Dyed Essex is created by dyeing the yarns first and then weaving a combination of white and colored yarns together. Yarn Dyed Metallic is the same but with a lurex (metallic) element woven too. Homespun Essex is a combination of white and colored yarns woven together both horizontal and vertically and ultimately creates a box/window pattern in the weave making the weave appear wider than yarn dyed. Classic wovens are different colored yarns woven together to create a print. And lastly printed essex is various essex types with a pattern printed on top.
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