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Kona Printed Color Chart | Panel

Kona Printed Color Chart | Panel

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Manufacturer:  Robert Kaufman
Designer:  KONA
Collection:  KONA
Print: Kona Printed Color Chart | Panel
Material: 100% Cotton | Quilter's Weight
Fabric width is 44/45"

This fabric is sold 'by the panel'. Each panel is roughly 24 inches long by the width of the fabric. Each panel will contain all the kona colors (365), as seen in image 3.

Please note that this is printed. The colors are close to the true kona colors but I would not venture to say that they are the exact same or true to color. The process is different in printing this fabric versus actual kona dye lots. If you're looking for a kona color chart, please purchase this color card instead. Take away message: The colors in this fabric chart are close to the true kona colors, but they are not an exact match. Also the bag in picture 4 is not included, it is an example of what can be made with it :)

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