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Llama Cuddle in Ivory**

Llama Cuddle in Ivory**

3 yards in stock.
Fabric is cut continuously in .25 yard increments
(e.g. .25, .5, .75, 1, 1.25, 2.25)
Manufacturer:  Shannon Fabrics
Designer:  Shannon Fabrics
Collection:  Llama Cuddle
Print: Llama Cuddle in Ivory**
Material: 100% Polyester | 30 mm Pile
** They have changed up their llama cuddle in Ivory and have a new version, it is from a different mill and is a different product. So if trying to match the old llama cuddle in ivory it will NOT match. However, it isn't bad or a lesser product. If anything it is softer and the base mat is much thicker (in my opinion). It does have a different look too it, the old was all longer hairs (see second image) and this is more of an assortment of short and long hairs. Just wanted to be upfront that while it is different that isn't necessarily bad. **

Fabric width is 58/60"

Please note that this fabric is VERY bulky to ship and therefore hard to calculate an exact shipping price, especially when ordering with other fabric. We will be shipping it via weight or by flat rate, whichever makes the most sense and then will refund any excess shipping, should there be any (typically only happens to local-ish customers).

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